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Office Wellness, Event Beauty & Massage in London, Brighton & surrounding areas

“Look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers” 
Richard Branson

It’s a very simple formula that works.  Adapting this to the workplace is simple, it just needs to be implemented.

Wellness at work – Lets get started

 According to Sickness Absence in the Labour Market, February 2014 ‘131 million days were lost due to sickness absences in the UK in 2013.  Minor illnesses were the most common reason given for sickness absence but more days were lost to neck, back and shoulder pain than any other cause.’

Your team needs you!

Our mission is to assist and guide companies small or large to improve their health and well-being within the workplace. 

With our help we can assist your team to implement the changes they need to improve their everyday life. 

We offer a complimentary introductory informal talk on the importance of posture, health and well being in your workplace. We use a non jargon but factual approach with valuable, practical and ongoing advice for your workforce. Our sessions are from 15 – 30 minutes with a 10 minute Q&A’s from your staff.
On our visit to your premises we will discuss your individual staffing needs helping to kick start your companies health and well-being programme. 

Contact Charlotte to book your session:


Event mobile beauty and massage experts. Leading the way in event planning and delivery of excellence in health and beauty across the South providing corporate & event hair, make-up, massage & beauty. 

Our skilled therapists, stylists and tutors are dedicated to treat, guide and advise your business staff, clients and potential customers. We are equipped with the knowledge, skills and customer service to deliver an outstanding service to make that lasting impression last longer.

If you have any questions, our in house office team are all therapists and can answer any questions regarding our services or your requirements.

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