Massage has be tried and tested to give significant positive effects to the human body.

Why choose onsite massage for your team?

  • You feel the benefits of your massage even after 5 minute treatment or more!
  • Our treatments can be given at your desk or in an area with our specially designed massage chairs.
  • Stressful day? Choose a relaxing massage and take time out just for you
  • Worried about oil in your hair or clothes? Don’t be, we do not use oil for onsite events
  • Our trained therapists will give useful tips on stretching at your work stations and at home

RSI in the workplace

RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is a general term to describe pain and tension felt in our muscles, nerves and tendon. These strains and pains can be caused be over use of certain muscles on a day to day basis and are a very common complaint at work.

Hands, wrists & Forearms – Using the mouse and keyboard

Upper back, lower and shoulders – Leaning forward towards a computer screen or incorrect positioning of monitor and keyboard.

Massage can greatly ease tension and pain by stretching and working on adhesions in the muscles in the affected areas.

There are many MANY benefits to massage physically and physiologically. Here we go-

  • Helps soothe anxiety and lowers blood pressure
  • Relieves muscle tension and strain from occupational posture
  • Boosts immunity. Massage spreads bug-fighting white blood cells, helping the body to protect itself from illness and disease
  • Boost brain power! A stimulating afternoon Indian head massage will help increase alertness
  • Helps decrease migraines and tension headaches. Our therapists work on specific neck and shoulder muscles to release tension caused by poor desk-based posture
  • Office massages contribute to your team’s good health and wellbeing, boosting team morale and loyalty and in turn improving staff survey results, where applicable.

So… If you want to do something that will actually help your team…. Give us a call….