The benefits of an office aromatherapy diffuser.

Most companies suffer staff absences over the colder months. This is from varying reasons; Flu, colds & coughs, back and muscular pain. It’s cold and our immune systems are constantly under attack by pathogens all around us at work and home.

What can we do to help ourselves?


An aromatherapy diffuser is one best lines of defense against airborne illness. These amazing machines combine water and essential oils to create steam infused with bug fighting properties which are inhaled. Another benefit is that the steam vapour, tiny droplets of water also provides moisture in the atmosphere which can help lessen the effects of central heating effects on our skin.

Not only will these oils cleanse the air they will also help alleviate nasal congestion and coughs with their antispasmodic and anti inflammatory properties.

Create your own or buy off the shelf pure essential oil blends. Essential oils that are the good for killing airborne bacteria:

  • Tea Tree
  • Thyme
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon oil

Essential oils must always be used with care and attention with the correct dosage for individual machines. Many oils are not suitable for small children.

I was debating on whether this year I would venture out on Christmas eve to the local when a good friend mentioned that he annually visited his local on Christmas eve and was guaranteed to be ill over the new year period. He put it down to the fact that many make that special effort to visit the local on Christmas eve, even if people are ill, they will make it there and share their illness with everyone at the pub.

My friend has not been out Christmas eve for many years and has had many illness free NY eve’s ever sine, I may well take his advice…


Charlotte Every – Aromatherapist

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