Useful ideas & tips for lockdown health & wellbeing

January is finally over, thank goodness. January is dreary anyway, add a pandemic to the mix, well, need I say more…

I have been trying to focus on personal wellness for myself and my family over the past months, getting us up and moving on cold days. Creating new antiviral and immune boosting essential oil blends to use at home and in the clinic. Changing our eating habits and creating menu’s with immune enhancing fruit, veg and pulses recipes.

Trying to create me time in between home schooling and work, has been quite a challenge, as I’m sure many can relate to.

I thought I would share with you my top tips for lockdown health and wellbeing. This includes TV programmes, books and app’s I found to have made a real difference to my life as well as my health and wellbeing, for both me and the family. I hope you find them as useful as I have.


Tips for Lockdown Health and Wellbeing

Lockdown health & well being tips


I thoroughly enjoyed this insightful and informative programme, definitely worth a watch. Not only does it explain how the immune system works, it also gives small steps on how to make improvements.

I particularly enjoyed the item in regard to massage. Massage helps to distribute white blood cells around the body to help in its defence against virus’s and pathogens. Us massage therapists know this already, it’s great to have it validated in the media.


Tips for lockdown health & wellbeing


I can’t recommend this company enough!

I was finding it so hard to find decent on demand yoga/fitness class over lockdown, until I stumbled across Les Mills On Demand.

There are a huge variety of classes, I’m sure you will recognise some of the old favourites, there is truly something for everyone, whatever your age or ability.

My favourites are Body Balance, Les Mills Stretch and Shah’bam (dance work out). It does come with a cost of about £12.00 month; I certainly think it’s worth every penny.


Lockdown tips for health & wellbeing



I have had the pleasure of meeting the author Kirsten through our work and Lindy hop classes in Brighton.

She has an amazing knowledge of nutrition and the workings of the body. This book is easy to read and not full jargon and incorporates beautiful, easy to follow healthy recipes. I love it!

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall left the following review:

“There are a lot of books about nutrition out there, so I was really delighted to come across Nutrition Brought to Life by Kirsten Chick, which is clearly tuned in to the latest scientific evidence on diet, and also feels inspiring, compassionate and achievable for the reader. It’s a book that I’m sure would be really helpful for a lot of people.”

If you have any lockdown gems that have helped you over the past months, I would love to hear them.

Drop me an email with your ideas. Share your positivity and self-help/care tips, it could really help someone.

Until next time, look after yourselves, I hope to see you soon. Charlotte x | |