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It’s been sometime since I sent a newsletter, over 18 months to be exact. It’s been incredibly tough like all industries affected by the pandemic. We have come through the other side, life is moving again. The team and I are looking up and forward to the future.

2020 – The arrival of online wellbeing services.

I am a remedial massage and skincare therapist, practising since 2009. I was in regular contact with my clients over the lockdown periods. One of the main concerns my client’s voiced, was that they were suffering with muscular pain and discomfort from makeshift work stations made from: sofas, beds, kitchen tables. From this, I decided to create at home workstation set up and desk stretch and strengthening sessions. After encouraging results, I created a corporate package with our Pilates and Yoga teachers, which we have incorporated as one of our online packages.

Virtual skincare workshops


An online workshop that we were able to offer our clients during the lockdown’s is our Virtual Skincare Facials. Organic skincare product packs are sent to remote workers homes. Workers log on to their scheduled live feed workshop and are guided through our step by step signature skincare routine, hosted by one our skincare experts.

Both of our online workshops are available to company remote workers and online events. Contact us for further details.


Autumn office wellbeing ideas

Autumn Office Wellbeing Ideas

Health and wellbeing is very much the top topic of conversation at the moment. Taking care of our mental and physical health is paramount, no matter who you are or where you work.

Generating interest in office wellbeing needn’t be difficult. Give your employees the opportunity to create their own health and wellness programme at work. Create a survey (anonymously) you may receive more replies, with honest answers. Ask simple questions to find out where they are at, what improvements they would like to see implemented in their workplace. Give them an area on your survey for their suggestions, involve them.

Create employee loyalty and improve team morale. Build a lasting heath and wellbeing programme for your company and the team that makes everything happen.

Contact our team for a free consultation info@teampamper.com.

Christmas Office Party Ideas coming in next blog.


Written by Charlotte Every

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