Team Pamper – Tips for 2021 Office Christmas Party Planning

We all know that Christmas will be different this year… Businesses have struggled and as a result employee engagement and appreciation is a key priority, now more than ever.

The annual Christmas Party. The main event of the year that all employees usually look forward to. It’s a chance to enjoy fun times together with the team, whilst looking back on the previous year and celebrate the years achievements.

For many offices and places of work, the office party maybe the first time the team will have all been together, under one roof, for nearly two years. New team members recruited in lockdown and work remotely online, finally get to meet and chat with colleagues face to face.

We have been organising and delivering our services for office Christmas work parties for over 10 years. We work with companies to provide experiences such as: Pop-up salon for pre party hair & make up ahead of the night of the year. Ahead of the Christmas hectic season; we create calm and relaxing spa areas, where staff can enjoy our selection of spa treatments, all delivered from the conference or boardroom.

With our experience we have compiled some easy to follow tips for 2021 office Christmas party planning.


Tips for 2021 Office Christmas Party Planning


1. Ask the team

How does your team want to celebrate? This is the most important factor when planning a company Christmas party. Ask for feedback from previous Christmas office parties, ask what they liked and more importantly what they didn’t like.

2. Book your venue now

Most companies start planning the Christmas works do after summer, but it’s not a secret the hunt usually starts already in the spring/early summer. 2021 venue/package searching will be competitive to say the least. As well as new bookings, venues will also have 2020’s postponements to honour and manage on top of any Covid restrictions that may be in place.

3. Space

Cramming people into a room is not where many of us are at. Members of your team may feel uncomfortable celebrating in a smaller spaces. Choosing a venue that allows freedom to move will be a priority. Choose a venue that can provide you with a private, dedicated spacious area.

4. Create a party space from the office

If you are having troubles in finding a venue for your works Christmas do, despair not. If you have a space, why not use it. With creative thinking, you can book suppliers such as caterers, magicians, DJ’s and Pop up cocktail bars to invent your own party vibe. Transform the boardroom into a Spa for the day. Create a relaxing space where staff can take off time from work to indulge in relaxing spa treatments. Start the hectic Christmas season feeling calmed and relaxed.

5. Menu choices – Check for dietary requirements

Gathering menu options is a relatively easy job and the results will need to be given to the caterer or venue, well in advance. Ensure all allergies and dietary requirements are noted down and passed on. Create an excel spread sheet with everyone’s name and choices, all help’s with smooth running’s on the day.


Tips for 2021 Office Christmas Party Planning

6. Plan B and maybe C

None of us want to conceive that we will have to go to plan B, but in these times we just don’t know. Having virtual options are great back up idea. Virtual events have come along way over the past 2 years. There are plenty of great companies offering engaging and fun experiences.

Virtual Cocktail Classes

Virtual Spa Day

Online Team Quiz

Christmas Wreath making

Online Virtual Wine Tasting


7. Cancellation Policy – Double check

There has been so much uncertainty over the past year. Before committing to a venue or a supplier just check through their cancellation policy. What is the latest you can cancel, do they have Covid-19 break clause and what does that mean to your deposit?


8. Most importantly

Thank your team. Show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to your business, make them feel important. They are the reason your business is a success, let them know.


Tips for 2021 Office Christmas Party Planning


Tips for 2021 Office Christmas Party Planning

Written by Charlotte Every

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