Reflexology for Events, Office and Corporate Wellness


Reflexology is not to be confused with foot massage.

This ancient complementary therapy dates back before the times of the Egyptians. Our therapists work on the reflex points in the feet which correspond to different areas of the body. All treatments include a consultation by our therapist to establish areas of focus to work on. This treatment feels like a deeply relaxing experience with full theraputic qualities. An ancient practice to help create a calm and peaceful energy, and a tremendous sense of well being.

Reflexology appointments

15-20 minutes – Reflex Points Mapping. After consultation. Working on specific Reflex points for individual clients needs, including: Adrenals, reproductive and pituitary gland.

25-3o minutes – Reflex points and focus areas. After consultation working on reflex points and areas of focus, specific to client.

55-60 minutes – Full Reflexology treatments, covering all areas of body & organs via the feet.

Reflexology works well at events. All the equipment your therapists needs is two chairs and a quiet area for your client to relax and enjoy their treatment. Why not include this beautiful therapay with our Onsite Masage therapists for your cororate wellbeing day.

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