Office / Onsite Massage

Onsite massage

Office and Onsite Massage massage is great employee benefits ideas that contributes to your team’s good health, boosting team morale and loyalty and in turn improving productivity in your business.

Team Pamper provides trained massage therapists to give office/onsite massage to your staff, conference delegates and clients.  Our compact ergonomic massage chairs take minimal space but deliver maximum stress and muscle relieving massage.

Our Massages

Chair massage – Neck, back and shoulder – Hands & wrist  –  Head & scalp – Face & Neck – Feet and ankle – Pregnancy – Sports/deep tissue – Aromatherapy

Why choose a massage service?

  • Decrease staff absence
  • Helps relieve RSI – repetitive strain injuries including Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Relieves muscle tension from occupational posture
  • Boosts immunity. Massage spreads bug-fighting white blood cells, helping the body to protect itself from illness and disease
  • Boost brain power! A stimulating afternoon Indian head massage will help increase alertness
  • Helps soothe anxiety and lowers blood pressure
  • Helps decrease migraines and tension headaches. Our therapists work on specific neck and shoulder muscles to release tension caused by poor desk-based posture

Client Experience

We at Team Pamper start our treatment sessions from a minimum of 10-12 minutes and upwards. Our treatment times allow our therapists to consult with each client, effectively warm up and administer their massage.  We also give practical stretching tips and home advice after every massage and allow a hand over from client to client.

We do not offer 5 minute massages as an option as we simply do think this is enough time for our therapists to effectively warm up and massage clients to our high standards.

  • Therapist by the hour (minimum 2.5 hours)
  • Seated massage
  • Specialist massage chairs & cradles
  • Pre & Post sporting events
  • Treatment times – 10 -12, 15 -20, 25 minutes
  • Practical work area stretching and posture tips
  • After care information

Organising a sporting event? Our team of remedial sports massage therapists are on hand to relieve, stretch and relax your competitors. Your therapist/s provide either a massage chair or massage table depending on your event and sport.

Office/Onsite massage available across London, Brighton & Manchester

Conference massage


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Office and onsite massage available across London, Brighton and the South.