In Office Yoga

In office yoga

In Office Yoga Classes

Most desk based workers are in a seated position for the majority of the working day. Leaning forward, straining necks and creating bad postural habits, contributes to chronic back, neck and shoulder pains and headaches and migraines.

A regular in office yoga class will help stretch out tight muscles, strengthen and tone the whole body, an ideal antidote to days spent at the desk. Providing yoga from work will help employee’s learn deeply relaxing breathing and meditation practices that will help them in their every day lives.

Participating in a relaxing yet challenging in office yoga class that will leave you and your team feeling rejuvenated. Our yoga & Pilates teachers have designed classes that can be adapted to the workplace and online.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Stress relief | Improves muscle and joint mobility and flexibility | Posture correcting | Boosts memory and concentration | Increases energy levels | Strengthens stamina, determination, concentration and overall performance in the workplace.

New to yoga? Our classes are suitable for all levels. Our office yoga classes are available for one-off events, or a course of weekly classes. We offer flexible payment schemes for companies are their staff. Businesses can pay in full /Partly subsidised by company | Employee pays directly through our online booking system.

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