Office Wellness Days

Office wellness

Office wellness days, are designed to help and encourage employees to think about their own health and wellbeing. Employers can help make a real difference by investing and committing to their staff’s welfare.

Ask the team
Communication is key. What areas of wellbeing would like to improve; posture, niggling back pain or calming the mind. What would they like? We have created an easy tick box survey to establish their needs and likes.

Create your wellness campaign
Speak to our team to discuss if a campaign with a wellbeing day or week is suitable for your team. We can help you plan and employee engagement program. From a one day event, to a regular fixture in the calendar that all your staff will look forward to coming into work for.

We have been providing our a range of health and pampering activities for companies since 2015 .We have a team of expert partners to help provide a comprehensive package to suit your team’s needs,  whatever the size of your business. 

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Office Massage

We offer a selection of massage options including reviving head and scalp to soothing neck and shoulder massages. Office massage is by far, our most popular office wellbeing service. Our compact ergonomic massage chairs take up minimal space and deliver maximum comfort.


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Yoga & Pilates

Participate in a relaxing yet challenging class that will leave you and your team feeling rejuvenated. Our yoga & Pilates teachers have designed classes that can be adapted to the workplace.

All the techniques taught have proven beneficial effects on posture and physical and mental well being.

Stress relief | Relief from muscle tightness | Improves muscle mobility and flexibility | Improved posture | Improved memory and concentration | Increased energy levels | Improved stamina, determination, concentration and overall performance in the workplace.


Yoga Pilates

Desk Work Outs | Office chair exercise classes & desk based stretch exercises  

Office chair stretching, we teach you how to perform incredibly effective stretching techniques from convenience of your desk based chair. No gym wear needed. We offer a arrange of classes that will suit all levels using Theraband therapy.


Posture Awareness Workshops & Talks for Office Wellness Days

Our 60 minute talk and beginners workshop is designed to ignite the idea of what is good and bad posture. Our grounded, honest talk, gives a real insight to the reasons why we suffer from everyday aches and pains and what we can all do to help ourselves. Perfect activity to incorporate in your Office wellness days.


Office wellness


The popularity of manicures & pedicures has increased hugely with all genders, over the past few years. Nourishing hand and nail treatments are equally as popular as our signature file and paints. Great addition to your wellness day activities.


Office Wellbeing Ideas

We have had the pleasure of working with many companies over the years. Introducing and implementing workplace wellbeing programmes, is our specialty.  It’s simple, you look after your staff, they look after your business.

Corporate Wellbeing Ideas

Create a survey (anonymously) you may receive more replies, with honest answers. Ask simple questions to find out where they are at, what improvements they would like to see implemented in their workplace. Give them an area on your survey for their suggestions, involve them.

  • Workplace wellbeing suggestion box
  • Office Fridge
  • Quiet, no phones area
  • Remote working days
  • Office massage
  • Office stretch area
  • Yoga or Pilates