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Desk Workouts. Office chair exercise classes. At home desk stretches for employees, health and well being.

The office as we know has changed, for now. Working from home has become the norm but, is our workplace set up the same as the office? In many instances, this is not the case. We are managing with what we have at home: arm chairs, dining room tables and chairs, beds and couches. Sitting in awkward positions for the working day can cause much pain and discomfort. To say it’s important to get up, move and stretch would be the understatement of the year but many of us have no idea where to start.

Understanding the workings of our bodies muscles, joints, and flexibility is the first step to grasping the vital importance of posture.

At home desk stretches – It’s as easy as brushing your teeth

We are here to show and demonstrate how you can change your posture yourself. It’s simple, you just need to do it and keep on doing it. It’s like brushing your teeth. You learnt how to do this, you continue to do this twice a day, every day. You do this because you know this routine is vital to the well being of your mouth.


Desk workouts

Many people understand the importance of stretching but simply lack technique. Stretching routines such as desk workouts, contribute to a healthier posture.


Office Chair Exercise & At Home Desk Stretches with Team Pamper

Our experienced teams of Stretch & Strengthen tutors are an amazing mix of personal trainers, sports massage therapists, yoga & Pilates instructors.

In our desk workouts & office chair stretching classes, we teach you how to perform incredibly affective stretching techniques from convenience of your desk based chair. No gym wear needed. We offer a arrange of classes that will suit all levels which can include our Theraband therapy courses.

Using easy to understand buzz words and memorable phrases, we explain and demonstrate how stretching, positively affects the body. We integrate these throughout our Stretch & Strengthening sessions helping you to learn and remember the techniques.

With every class, you’ll learn how to perform the stretches and understand the beneficial effects it will have on your body. We will explain in simple terms how the stretches work so you can understand how it will improve, stretch and strengthen your body. We give you the tools you need to help yourself.

Classes are demonstrated on live stream platforms such as Zoom, Team meetings and Google Meet.

Contact us or full details and prices or Desk workouts and at home stretching classes

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