Online Posture Awareness Talks and Workshops

Online posture awareness

Hands up. Who’s got back pain, working from home?

Posture is more important than ever at the moment, at home working has sky rocketed! Millions of us across the world are working from makeshift workstations from our houses, flats and bedrooms. Using dinning room tables, beds and sofas as our work areas. It’s no surprise we are suffering from back pain working from home.

Exercise, devise usage, sitting positions and even watching TV can all effect our posture but with awareness, we can make little changes that can make a big difference.

To understand why we suffer from aches, pains and immobility, it’s vital to know WHY.

Online Posture Awareness Presentations & Workshops. Employee Wellbeing At Home

Adapting our face to face posture awareness presentations to the online world been a relatively easy transition. We have had been a great success and have received great feedback from our clients and their employees.

We at Team Pamper are here to give you and your team the knowledge to be able to to ignite the idea of what is good and bad posture. Our grounded, honest talks, gives a real insight to the reasons why we suffer from everyday aches and pains and what we can all do to help ourselves.

Within our online posture awareness workshops and presentations, we discuss the origins of common back, shoulder arm and wrist pain and how our every day routines can massively affect our posture without us being aware. We give practical advice and useful tips that can be easily adapted to life at home and at work.

Our workshops and talks are specifically design for all professions and are easily adapted to different work environments.

Our online workshops and presentations are delivered on Microsoft Teams Google Meet & Zoom. Contact us for full details

Staff wellbeing at home. Create wellness at work. Wherever that may be…

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Wellness at work. Stretch & Strengthening Classes with Team Pamper

Combine your session with our office chair stretching desk work out. We teach you how to perform incredibly effective stretching techniques from convenience of your desk based chair. No gym wear needed. We offer a arrange of classes that will suit all levels. All classes can be performed via live feed from our studio to your home office. .

Understanding the workings of our bodies muscles, joints, and flexibility is the first step to grasping the vital importance of posture.

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