Virtual Skincare Facials

Virtual skincare workshops

Virtual Skincare Facials

Live feed skincare tutorial & product packs for your staff and clients at home.

No prior beauty experience needed
Free skin care consultation
Organic skincare facial product kit with Living Nature product range
Guided workshop including, effective facial muscle exercises & facial exercises for wrinkles

Client Experience

  • Digital skincare consultation
  • Branded glossy product goody bags
  • 30 minute workshops hosted on various platforms
  • Experienced and warm, friendly skincare therapist tutors
  • Professional skincare tips & advice

Prior to the scheduled online guided facial tutorial, we send each participant a detailed online skin consultation form. From these results we create an organic facial product pack, which can be sent by post to home addresses or the office.

Our skincare facials are designed for all genders with carefully chosen products specific to each clients skincare needs.

Choose to order our DIY organic facial kit & routine or book a virtual live stream workshop, hosted by a qualified and experienced skin care therapist.

We care about your skin!

Skincare product packs and beauty facial routines deigned for your skin type.

Oily – Combination skin
Large visible pores
Shiny T zone (forehead, nose & chin)
Spots or pimples

Normal skin
Fine texture (no visible pores)
No specific concerns
Thread veins maybe visible
Slight dry feeling at the end of the day

Dry or mature
Fine texture (no visible pores)
Dry scaly areas
Skin feels tight
Skin feels dull and dry and the end of the day

Sensitive skin
Constant tight feeling
Red/inflamed patches
Dry scaly areas
Skin feels often hot/burning
Appearance of thin skin
Sensitive to fragrance/perfume
Reactions to skincare/make up

Our products are packaged in our Team Pamper branded glossy gift bags. Perfect Christmas gift ideas for clients or staff.

Virtual skincare facials

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